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Keep your HVAC System Running Efficiently

Keep your HVAC System
Running Efficiently

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Schedule service today.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Schedule
service today.



Designed to help protect employees from exposure to bothersome and sometimes hazardous airborne dust and pollutants a good operating exhaust system will produce a safe working environment.

With their trained staff and full service shop Kool-Vent Inc can help design the system to best suit your needs.


Commonly used in Restaurants Make-Up Air units are most often used when there is a need for ventilated air. By controlling the amount of clean, ventilated air to common areas in a building they help reduce drafts and dust, replace air exhausted by kitchen equipment and industrial exhaust fans, as well as reducing odors.

With 20years experience Brian and his highly trained Kool-Vent Inc staff are the team you need to design your system for you.


Tube Heaters are often an economical and versatile heating source for many commercial and industrial applications.


Infra-red heating has proven to benefit numerous Canadian markets. Brant Radiant has identified these applications and designed specialized heating systems that meet their challenging demands.

HRVS (Heat Recovery Ventilation) & ERVS (Energy Recovery Ventilator)

Exhaust stale air out and provide fresh air to your work space without losing all your energy costs to condition your inside air.

Designed for heavy air conditioning use an ERV will help reduce the workload of the air conditioner by cooling the incoming air with the stale air that’s being exhausted.


With solutions such as forced air zoning, hydronic heating, thermostats with precise temperature control and more, you'll say goodbye to hot and cold spots and hello to comfort. Find out more about temperature zoning by contacting Kool-Vent Inc.


Here at Kool-Vent we have years of experience in manufacturing and custom sheet metal fabrication for the HVAC industry. Sheet metal fabrication requires special training to ensure the ducts are solid and sealed to carry the air through your heating and cooling system free of any leaks. We pride ourselves in designing residential HVAC custom ductwork that will fit any new or existing HVAC system and we also custom fabricate parts such as duct elbows, offsets, and transitions. When you’re looking for reliable, trustworthy, and effective service, look no further than us.