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Residential Services

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Keep your HVAC System Running Efficiently

Keep your HVAC System
Running Efficiently

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Schedule service today.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Schedule
service today.




  • Heat pump repair and replacement services
  • Air conditioning repair and replacement services
  • Whole house installations
  • Replacement specialists
  • Brand name replacement parts


As an affordable option, it is perfect for smaller spaces such as: basements, enclosed porches, unconditioned single rooms, or aging homes with no duct work. At Kool-Vent we provide professional ductless mini split AC installation and maintenance services.

Whether it’s your first time setting up this kind of system in your home, you are due for annual maintenance, or you need to replace an older unit, we are here to help you every step of the way.


  • Servicing gas fired boilers and steam boilers
  • Residential replacement
  • Pumps, piping, control valves
  • We repair all brands and all types of equipment
  • Affordable, dependable service


We repair and replace all types and brands of water heaters.

  • Conventional and tankless, all types
  • Free estimates on replacements
  • Installation by certified HVAC technicians
  • Water heater maintenance check (yearly advised)
  • Brand name parts where applicable


Make sure the air you are breathing in your home is as fresh as the air outside. Our indoor air quality services can help you get rid of harmful particles like dust, pollen, and bacteria that can lurk in your air supply and threaten your health.

We can also help you keep your home at the ideal humidity level to further enhance your comfort.


Most homeowners think that having areas in their home that are too hot or too cold is just something they must live with. With solutions such as forced air zoning, hydronic heating, thermostats with precise temperature control and more, you will say goodbye to hot and cold spots and hello to comfort.

Find out more about temperature zoning by contacting Kool-Vent Inc.


Fireplaces improve the atmosphere of your home and they are reliable and affordable source of heat. Kool-Vent provides a selection of designs, styles and models to choose from to suit your home. They add value to your home while at the same time giving you uncompromising comfort and a reliable heating source.

Gas fireplaces offer you a wide range of heat output and control with a remarkable flame/heat adjustment.


This system can be set up to heat just one room, part of a home, or an entire house. We can easily extend a current radiant heating system, or it can be retrofitted to work with a forced system.


We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable experience, customer service and attention to detail. With one of the only true sheet metal fabrication shops in the area, we are uniquely equipped to provide quality duct work, custom ventilation and other fabricated features as needed.

No matter what your need, Kool-Vent can assist with all of your interior air systems and installations.